Velvet & Silk

In my recent experimentation with printing I’ve had the oppotunity to rediscover devore. This is a printing technique which works with mixed fibre fabrics. I used silk velvet. I cut a stencil and used a silk screen and squeegee to print with thick devore paste. The paste, once printed it left to dry on the surface of the fabric. I then used a heat press to warm the devore paste. This melts away the pile of the velvet, leaving the backing net and revealing the printed pattern. It’s a beautiful if not complex and potentially dangerous technique. The results are wonderfully femanine. I’d like to think I could incorporate this into a scarf collection but I think I need to perfect my skills before I unleash the results on the public.

Prom Queen

It’s Prom season and my cousin Amelia has just had her Y11 school Prom and we’re all proud and delighted that she was voted as Prom Queen. She is totally thrilled!
The run up to Prom is a tense time for any student, the course you’ve been studying may be over but its exam season (always stressfull!) on top of the fact that you have to decide what to wear, what to arrive in and will anyone be wearing the same dress ???!!
We’re well into the Prom season and students across the land have been planning the perfect outfit, striving for something eyecatching and unique. This is the inspiration for our latest pieces. We’ve been experimenting with smaller scale corsages in paler colours which can be put onto hair clips, hair bobbles and Alice bands; to wear as a fascinator. Or on a strap to be worn as a wrist Prom corsage. We’ve also been trying out some necklace designs, incorporting flowers, pearls and suffolk puffs. The beauty of having a corsage made of felt is that it will last much longer than Prom night and can be worn for years to come. A lasting memory of a lovely evening!

All the fun of the layer!

Whilst Nic has been reviving her love of  screen printing, I’ve been trying some new layering techniques on a silk scarf. I have hand dyed some strips of silk chiffon and silk ponge and have nuno felted them onto the ends and middle of a  rose printed silk scarf to produce ruffles and layers for extra length. No doubt layering is going to feature in our next collection too! Photos to follow.

I love silk screen printing!

I recently had the oppotunity to do some silk screen printing at a workshop I have been attending. It’s great to have the chance to revisit skills I haven’t used in a while. I was surprised how quickly I slotted back in to the old technique and how it seemed second nature to me. I was really thrilled with my results and although the stencil cutting takes a long time, printing is really quick. I love the instant results it gives. It’s given me renewed enthusiasm to experiment with print and do more; perhaps the next scarf collection could included printed textiles too…………………………….

Also on Etsy

We’ve just set up our shop on Etsy, the online market place for all things arts and crafts. It’s a great site to find something one off, hand made and unique. Perfect for our products. we are coppertopdesignsuk.

Photo session day two!

We spent another few hours photgraphing the back views of the scarf collection, plus all the corsages, necklaces etc today with the help of Pat.

I then spent another few hours trying to crop and resize the photos- it always sounds easy when you’re shown what to do- but I think I may need another little  lesson before I get this one sussed!

Girls Dressing-Up Day

We’ve spent the afternoon having a photo shoot of all our products so far. We re-dressed the mannequin in grey which we both feels gives a better contrast to the products. We must have taken hundreds of shot;arranging and rearranging the scarves to show them off in all the various ways they can be worn. Teeming the scarves up with matching corsages. It’s been great fun seeing the collection in it’s entirety. The new photo’s still need a bit of work, cropping and zooming but we should be uploading the finished results soon.  Here’s Emma adjusting one of  her scarf’s.

Felt Vs Technology

We’ve been busy this month focussing on the promotion of Coppertop Designs. The website has formed a major part of this.  It really is a learning curve in technical IT , once we’ve mastered this I think we’ll have gained some really useful skills. It’s really exciting seeing all our hard work and enthusiasm being showcased in this way.  We’re making changes and improvments on a daily basis , based on our growing knowledge. I hope you’ll agree that it’s starting to look good.  We’d really value some of your feedback.

New scarves

We have many new scarves in our product range. Although our products are themed, each product is hand crafted individually and no two scarves are the same! If you have any specific requests then please contact us and we will do our best to help