Prom Queen

It’s Prom season and my cousin Amelia has just had her Y11 school Prom and we’re all proud and delighted that she was voted as Prom Queen. She is totally thrilled!
The run up to Prom is a tense time for any student, the course you’ve been studying may be over but its exam season (always stressfull!) on top of the fact that you have to decide what to wear, what to arrive in and will anyone be wearing the same dress ???!!
We’re well into the Prom season and students across the land have been planning the perfect outfit, striving for something eyecatching and unique. This is the inspiration for our latest pieces. We’ve been experimenting with smaller scale corsages in paler colours which can be put onto hair clips, hair bobbles and Alice bands; to wear as a fascinator. Or on a strap to be worn as a wrist Prom corsage. We’ve also been trying out some necklace designs, incorporting flowers, pearls and suffolk puffs. The beauty of having a corsage made of felt is that it will last much longer than Prom night and can be worn for years to come. A lasting memory of a lovely evening!

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