Spring Wedding Florals

Last week I had the pleasure of acting as a witness at my friends wedding ceremony. It was a wonderfully romantic and secret wedding just the happy couple and two witnesses. I had never been invited to a wedding like this before and was unsure as to what to wear and what the correct etiquette was. The bride and I went dress shopping together and once I had seen her beautifully elegant outfit I found it easier to plan mine. She decided to have felt corsages in shades of pale cream with diamonte details. Stylish and simple they complimented the outfits perfectly. I loaned her wrist corsage as her “borrowed” item. It was a lovely finishing touch.

Valentines day is coming…..

Our latest felt day was filled with love…. fueled by the upcoming love season.

We made pieces of textured and detailed felt in creams, pinks, reds, cerises, and even teal green.

This felt has then been lovingly crafted into brooches, ranging in size from 7cm x 5cm down to 3.5cm x 4.5cm.

Can be worn in many ways- on cardigans, coat lepels, hats, bags, scarves…. pop one on and wait for the compliments to arrive!

prices from as little as £5!

Also available at Daisy tea rooms, scalby, scarborough for those who are in the local area.

The Art of Felt

We have spent some time experimenting with felting techniques and have made a range of felt “paintings”. The paintings are inspired by sea scapes and a heavily textures and use a wide range of fibres including wool, yarn, burrs, nepps and slubs; as well as fleeces from different sheep, Wendleydale is very curly and really adds energy to a piece of work. We plan to start selling these during 2012. Here’s a sneak preview.

Beautiful bride!

I was so pleased to get a photo of a customer who bought a wedding nuno wrap for her winter wedding. Jessica looked absolutely stunning, and left me a message saying she was really pleased with how her Old Romance nuno felted wrap looked with her wedding dress.

I’m sure you will agree she looks a beautiful bride, and it made me feel very proud to have contributed, in a little way, to making her day special. Congratulations to Jessica.  We wish you all the best for your future married life!

What a stunning bride!

Selling like hot cakes!

We have delivered our first batch of flower corsages to  Daisy tea rooms in Scalby, Scarborough. We both felt a little nervous as we dropped them off- as if we were leaving our children behind at school for the first time!  We hope that they will soon be selling like “hot cakes”- Ha- see what i did there!

So pop to Daisy tea rooms, relax, have a lovely cuppa and delicious cake, then pick up some unique hand crafted flower corsages for chritmas pressents for family and friends. what better way of christmas shopping is there?


Emma and I have been making and creating for years! I think it’s in our blood, as we both mentioned in our personal profiles we’ve formally studied art and Textiles but it goes deeper than that. We both love learning and making. Hand embroidery, machine embroidery, knitting and crochet are to name but a few of the things we like to do. I personally like the sense of acheivement at finishing a new piece of work, learning a new skill and the sense of competition. At the moment I am learning to crochet; Emma is amazing at crochet and seems to be able to pick up a pattern and make the piece perfectly. This is where the sense of competition comes in, I want to be as good, so I keep practicing! Last week I went for a “Crafternoon” (lunch and the craft of your choice for the afternoon) with a group of friends. I’m busy crocheting a hat at the moment ( my first ever) I have to say , it’s going well so far but I know that if I get stuck I can call my friend Em to help me out. The photo is of Emma wearing her crocheted hat. Photos of mine to follow soon ( I hope )

Help for Heroes on Rememberance Day

This year on Rememberance Day it will be 11 11 11 11. We thought we would mark this significant date and important event with a collection of felt poppies that would raise money for the charity Help for Heroes. From the sale of each felt poppy a £1 donation will be made to the charity. Not only are the poppies hand made, unique and stylish but they can be worn again and again to accessorise your outfit. Help us Help the Heroes by making your purchase today.

Up Close and Personal

We’re really happy with the photography on our site and feel that the images show a number of ways in which you can wear our scarves and corsages but we’ve been thinking….

Perhaps we’re not letting you see all the wonderful textures and details of our work! We decided this week to get up close and personal with our collection and had a photo shoot focussing on the details. The descriptions tell you about the beads, the angelina and the nepps but if you’re a felty person that might not mean too much! A picture says a thousand words so have a look.

I Believe in the Power of Clothes!

I believe in the power of clothes. Ever woke up one morning only to look in the mirror and feel an overwhelming feeling of disappointment that the reflection staring back is fatter, frumpier and more tired looking than the mental image you have of yourself? To dress in your usual clothes and feel them just a bit tighter than last time? It’s easy to let the dowdiness take over, to go with the flow and become consumed by the “fat” feeling. It can ruin your whole day and leave you feeling really bad about yourself. I think clothes are the remedy, clothes can make you feel utterly fabulous! Reach into your wardrobe and choose an outfit that makes you feel special. No; not your wedding dress, or your favourite Saturday night outfit, something thats suitable for the occasion (work, shopping, whatever) but something that makes you feel lovely, so that everytime you look down at yourself you think ” I love this top/ skirt/ dress/ scarf etc” Choose a colour you love to wear. Add details to your outfit that personalize it and say somewthing about you, a scarf, piece of jewelry or brooch. I find I use brooches an aweful lot they are an easy way to change the mood of an outfit and can introduce a new colour the overall look. They nearly always draw attention and get a comment from someone; and lets face it, if someone takes the time to tell you they like what you’re wearing it makes you feel like a million dollars. The power of clothes are amazing! I feel better already 🙂