I Believe in the Power of Clothes!

I believe in the power of clothes. Ever woke up one morning only to look in the mirror and feel an overwhelming feeling of disappointment that the reflection staring back is fatter, frumpier and more tired looking than the mental image you have of yourself? To dress in your usual clothes and feel them just a bit tighter than last time? It’s easy to let the dowdiness take over, to go with the flow and become consumed by the “fat” feeling. It can ruin your whole day and leave you feeling really bad about yourself. I think clothes are the remedy, clothes can make you feel utterly fabulous! Reach into your wardrobe and choose an outfit that makes you feel special. No; not your wedding dress, or your favourite Saturday night outfit, something thats suitable for the occasion (work, shopping, whatever) but something that makes you feel lovely, so that everytime you look down at yourself you think ” I love this top/ skirt/ dress/ scarf etc” Choose a colour you love to wear. Add details to your outfit that personalize it and say somewthing about you, a scarf, piece of jewelry or brooch. I find I use brooches an aweful lot they are an easy way to change the mood of an outfit and can introduce a new colour the overall look. They nearly always draw attention and get a comment from someone; and lets face it, if someone takes the time to tell you they like what you’re wearing it makes you feel like a million dollars. The power of clothes are amazing! I feel better already 🙂

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