Beautiful bride!

I was so pleased to get a photo of a customer who bought a wedding nuno wrap for her winter wedding. Jessica looked absolutely stunning, and left me a message saying she was really pleased with how her Old Romance nuno felted wrap looked with her wedding dress.

I’m sure you will agree she looks a beautiful bride, and it made me feel very proud to have contributed, in a little way, to making her day special. Congratulations to Jessica.  We wish you all the best for your future married life!

What a stunning bride!

Selling like hot cakes!

We have delivered our first batch of flower corsages to  Daisy tea rooms in Scalby, Scarborough. We both felt a little nervous as we dropped them off- as if we were leaving our children behind at school for the first time!  We hope that they will soon be selling like “hot cakes”- Ha- see what i did there!

So pop to Daisy tea rooms, relax, have a lovely cuppa and delicious cake, then pick up some unique hand crafted flower corsages for chritmas pressents for family and friends. what better way of christmas shopping is there?


Emma and I have been making and creating for years! I think it’s in our blood, as we both mentioned in our personal profiles we’ve formally studied art and Textiles but it goes deeper than that. We both love learning and making. Hand embroidery, machine embroidery, knitting and crochet are to name but a few of the things we like to do. I personally like the sense of acheivement at finishing a new piece of work, learning a new skill and the sense of competition. At the moment I am learning to crochet; Emma is amazing at crochet and seems to be able to pick up a pattern and make the piece perfectly. This is where the sense of competition comes in, I want to be as good, so I keep practicing! Last week I went for a “Crafternoon” (lunch and the craft of your choice for the afternoon) with a group of friends. I’m busy crocheting a hat at the moment ( my first ever) I have to say , it’s going well so far but I know that if I get stuck I can call my friend Em to help me out. The photo is of Emma wearing her crocheted hat. Photos of mine to follow soon ( I hope )