First planning meeting of the year last night to decide what we need to do to make sure we are ready for this year's festival. We've been experimenting with cowl scarves and they seem popular last year's fest. We also want to bring our brooch range up to date and have some contemporary designs that we want to start making. It's an exciting time. Photo's to follow.

Wedding Florals

Spring Wedding Florals

Last week I had the pleasure of acting as a witness at my friends wedding ceremony. It was a wonderfully romantic and secret wedding just the happy couple and two witnesses. I had never been invited to a wedding like this before and was unsure as to what to wear and what the correct etiquette [...]

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Help for Heroes on Rememberance Day

This year on Rememberance Day it will be 11 11 11 11. We thought we would mark this significant date and important event with a collection of felt poppies that would raise money for the charity Help for Heroes. From the sale of each felt poppy a £1 donation will be made to the charity. [...]

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I Believe in the Power of Clothes!

I believe in the power of clothes. Ever woke up one morning only to look in the mirror and feel an overwhelming feeling of disappointment that the reflection staring back is fatter, frumpier and more tired looking than the mental image you have of yourself? To dress in your usual clothes and feel them just [...]

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Dressing the Mannequin

We’ve been inspired by a whole new colour palette brought about by the changing season and the thought of Halloween. Recently we’ve created a range of felt corsages in rich Autumn shades and deep purple hues.

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